Why Power Grips?

Slip in — Power Up

Mount Power Grips to your existing pedals with ordinary tools (hardware included). Extra long straps and pedal kits are also available.

Easy to Adjust

Power Grips’ micro adjust bracket (available on pedal strap sets and our deluxe pedal kit) allows just the right fit with a standard allen wrench.

Power Grips’ Dynamic Tension design delivers substantially increased pedal stroke power to increase your mileage with less fatigue. You’ll go farther, faster. Power Grips are easy to get into—and out of—at a fraction of the cost of clipless systems.

Trail Tested

From the Colorado Rockies to Moab Slickrock to the icy trails of Alaska’s Idita-bike.


Power Grips’ self-supporting polyurethane laminate straps give you hassle-free, hands-free operation, without the use of a toe clip or special shoes and pedals.

Power Grips are a natural choice for cyclists of all abilities, from extreme riders to weekend and recreational riders—anyone who wants a reliable, comfortable, easy-exit way to increased pedal power.

Don’t Ask Us, Ask Our Customers

With Power Grips, my feet are secure, my control and therefore skills are better, they’re easy to adjust and just look cool. — Bryan J.

I now have them on all my bikes, road, mountain and commuter. I have gotten rid of my clipless pedals and my trusty old clips and straps. Power Grips are just plain better. — Thad B.

...You deserve a ‘thank you.’ I’m proud to have bought three pairs of Power Grips, and I can’t recommend them highly enough (and I do recommend them often). — Daven A.

I’ve gotta tell you that they work great! Much better than those stupid toe clips and straps. — Anthony H.

I dropped the clipless pedals on my ...bike for Power Grips. Never regretted and never looked back. — Paul R.

Put Power Grips on my recumbent yesterday and today I’m one happy customer. They give me the locked-in feel of clipless pedals and toe clips, but I can safely remove my feet instantly in emergencies. Thanks for a great product! — Ron B.

Dynamic Tension

Power Grips Dynamic Tension design works by combining the natural rotation of your foot with the diagonally positioned strap. As you rotate your foot, the strap naturally tightens and loosens, delivering exactly the amount of grip you desire...and that the terrain requires.


Dynamic Tension